As a life drill I have had the privilege of making friends with many people essentially they define their dreams, create a plan, and usurpation action to bring those dreams into reality. Seldom has watching that process clarify been more enjoyable than in being modicum of the life of Mike Sparks.

When we first met, Mike was a frustrated factory worker. He began attending my weekly career presentations further let it be known that he had bigger dreams. And thus began the story you are about to read. Mere this is not just a story about how to making money in used cars or still just how to run a business well. Rather, this is a story about living well. Mike’s personal values are impossible to extricate from his daily business activities. His deep desire to follow God’s direction, to act with character, to love his family well, to serve his community along integrity, and to do his very best in everything he touches affect every activity of his daily life. Those desires have allowed him to move from high-school graduate, to responsible mill positions, to business owner, to municipality councilman, and to state representative in the state of Tennessee.

Mike is one concerning the best I have ever seen at making friends. His true desire to help and serve opens doors plus entrepreneurs, celebrities and politicians. Those doors have continued to existent new and spicy opportunities for Mike and his family.

As a “car guy” I love the focus of this book. My first car was a hand built 31 Ford 5-window coupe. I fell in love with the mechanical challenges, the thrill of speed and the smell of being around cars. I too spent some early years trading used cars. But as I read through Mike’s car stories I was reminded that success in any business translates into success in other areas of our lives. Mike’s success has more to do with who he has become than with any specific techniques used in the car business. I exhort you to read this with the same expectation. Success is not something we do, but the person we are.