Website duplication is the modern Internet tool provided along MLM companies to their distributors. With the help from this tool distributors can update their accounts and attract more customers without ever stepping out of their home. A company develops a website that gives visitors information about the company, its products and services, damages plan and provides a form where they need to put in few simple information either to purchase a produk or to a join the company online, without ever talking to a live person. MLM companies understand that if they licensed visitors to sign up directly on their site online, they will violate one of the basic philosophies of MLM marketing – allowing distributors to go out and build their own leads ampersand possibility list.

Website duplication allows MLM companies to maintain a perfect balance of MLM philosophy and new technology. It allows distributors to build more sales using their website without stepping revealed of their home or talking live to any visitors while maintaining the philosophies of MLM marketing.

Works like a abundantly branded website

Each distributor gets his recognize replicated website that is linked with the robust company site. It’s just not getting a brochure with your name and contact information attached to it – it is a fully functional website with lead capture pages. A distributor can include his name, contact information, links to social networking sites and vessel also upload video to personalize a replicated site and arresting more customers. A replicated website is usually branded so it fits in with the main company website.

Distributors can customize the website

A distributor can personalize a replicated website for his unique information. This makes it easier for distributors to communicate their messages to the visitors. A replicated website also presents a form that a visitor has to fill in to get again information, make a purchase or to join the team as a current distributor. Autoresponders are moreover integrated with a replicated site. As soon as a visitor fills out a developmental and submits it, an autoresponder is immediately sent to the email id entered in the form.

Use autoresponders to follow-up

Instead of individually answering each visitor that filled in the lead capture form, an autoresponder email is automatically sent to the lead. These are pre-drafted emails to visitors and prospective consumers and distributors do not need to invest many time in drafting and sending email. Distributors also do not need to draft emails every time there’s a new sign up. He can create and save drafts of email for repeated future use. An autoresponder helps distributors to maintain regular contact with a lead until it is converted or has opted out of the loop.

Creates a sense of uniformity

A duplicated website creates a substance of uniformity among distributors until allowing specific of them to maintain their own identity. It usually includes a wide stray of features to help distributors prospect, present and follow up with their leads and further to dominate and optimize their website effectively for more conversions.