Acne is not a disease, it is not infectious or a sign if poor hygiene rather bad diet despite what common folklore, misinformation furthermore legend would have you believe. It is a purely natural phenomenon that occurs being the biggest magazine in your body, the skin has activated some oily glands which offspring a substance called sebum which they leak round the trichosis follicles in the skin to lubricate the hair.

But these tiny follicles can and often do get blocked by dead skin cells (you are sloughing off et al discarding dead skin cells per the millions every day) further other naturally occurring bacteria on the skin ere in the environment. Without going into too exceedingly detail these form a white pimple or a blackhead.

These occurrences can happen to anybody at any age but are particularly evidenced in teenagers as their sexual and swelling hormones kick in, and their entire argument structure undergoes change. With new chemicals zooming around the body it frequently appears that an outbreak of acne is common.

The trouble is that facial acne is unsightly and may well cause embarrassment and a loss of self esteem. In extreme cases the teenager may wish to shut him or herself away from their compadre and especially members of the opposite sex with whom they wish to establish relationships. This embarrassment is particularly acute during the years of puberty when these hormones are liable to goal caprice swings and general lack of rationality.

So everyone is always looking for an acne spot treatment. If you click on the link you will be taken to a compte rendu site that discusses many of the different types of acne and discussions on available treatments.

Here you resolve find an explosion of the common myths on acne. Here is some good news for teens who like to eat chocolate; There is positively NO evidence that chocolate consumption is related to an acne outbreak. Other common foods that are blamed are nuts, shellfish, milk, cheese and yogurt, Gluten and Pizza.

But these are anecdotal and the links are tenuous. Protasis you wish to control for yourself prevent a food diary and see if there is any relationship. Also check for allergies to the products that you may react to.

By and large consumption of the above foodstuffs should largely be moderate in any competition equal they are not necessarily very healthy and your body would be better served by eating whole grains, beans and breezy vegetables but that is a different discussion.

There are however a great many effective treatments on the market for the usage of different types of acne and the webstek presents unprejudiced and factual reviews on all of them including the latest advise.

There are natural treatments that once can concoct at home from regularly available ingredients such as oatmeal and lemon juice. With these all it is important to cleans the face and get rid of the dear celss first.

Then there are the patent as well as medicated products and all about these are discussed so if you have a problem yourself either have a teenage child who is suffering from acne click in.