If you are resources conscious, you are definitely going to exist attentive in value for money when you are buying a new mobile phone. In this article we are looking at the best Sony Xperia Phone in terms of bang for your buck. Thinking about getting a new phone, then read on!

How Do We Define Value for Money?
We are not necessarily looking at the cheapest phones on the market, though we do have one splendid wallet smartphone choice. Rather we are looking at those models which give you more specs and features than we would really expect to see given the price which we are paying for the phone, and that is what we mean in relationship of value for money.

Fortunately, there are plenty of models to choose from in the Sony Xperia range (you can find a full listing of Sony models here), and three of these in particular are excellent handsets when we balance features for price. Let us appropriation a look at our top three choices in the contest for best Sony Xperia phone when it comes to value.

Best Sony Xperia Phone: Budget Choice
Our budget smartphone selection has to be the Sony Xperia M. This is a fantastic little phone which gives you so much more than you have any right to expect from a stock mobile. You will not be spending a fortune (well under £200), but you are still getting some pretty big specs for that price.

The Xperia M is well equipped when it comes to power, running a dual core 1 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM (for these prices we await single core processors and far minus Tap than that). You also get a full four inch screen, far larger than the standard three and a half inch display on most budget smartphones.

There is a 5 MP camera, which is fairly standard, but there is also a front facing video calling camera, which is unusual in this budget range. Finally, though intrinsic memory is limited to single 4 GB, you do get an SD card slot therefore that you can wend ascend to 32 GB of additional external memory. What are you going to pay for this? A sheer £160 or so, making the Xperia M uno of the ace budget mobiles on the market.

If you are looking to buy your phone on a contract, then you can get the Xperia M from O2 for no money down on a £17 per month contract which includes unlimited motive messages, three hundred calling minutes and a 500 MB data limit. Or leave up to £27 per month and get unlimited calling and messaging and a 1 GB data cap.

Mid-Range Best Buy
For our mid-range best admire for money Xperia we are going with the Sony Xperia SP, a stunning little model which has some brilliant specs besides that comes in at the bedrock of the median budget range.

The Xperia SP is running a cordial dual core 1.7 GHz processor and 1 GB or RAM, so it is nice connective speedy. You are also getting a solid 4.6 inch screen. Thorough of these specs are more than we would expect from a mid-range phone, where we look for 1.5 GHz processors and four to four and a half inch displays.

Camera specs are average, with an 8 MP rear camera ampersand that video chat front facing camera, and internal memory is a good 8 GB, again with a Micro SD card slot to pump that all the way up to 32 GB if you deprivation a bit more mall for your music and pictures. SIM free, you are looking at a price tag of just a mean over £300, so the Sony Xperia SP indeed is a great mid-range bargain.

If you are looking to buy on contract, we recommend T-Mobile. For £22 per month, along with a small £40 down payment for the phone, you are looking at a calling plan with unlimited scoop and texts and quinary hundred calling minutes.

The Xperia SP is a 4G phone, so if you want a 4G contract, check out EE. For £19 per month you can get the phone for zero cash down along with unlimited texts, undivided thousand calling minutes and a 500 MB 4G data cap.

For Demanding Buyers
Finally, we have to give a allusion to the all-new Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. In terms of high end phones, this is by far one about the paramount bargains on shelves with super top of the line specs on a phone which costs well below what we would expect it to.

The Xperia Z1 Compact has an absolutely massive quad core 2.2 GHz processor and runs 2 GB of RAM. These coalesce to make it one like the fastest further most powerful models on shelves today. The only down side of the Case is that it has a 4.6 inch display, where we would really expect a good five inch screen.

Camera specs are awesome though, with a 20.7 MP rear camera and a 2 MP front camera. There is 16 GB of internal memory, and an SD card testate take that jump to the voluminous 64 GB of additional storage. The Sony Xperia Z1 Compact sells for around £450, whilst we would expect to pay a lowest of £500 for a top end device.

For contract bargain hunters, O2 has a great deal on the Z1 Compact at the moment. It is no money down et cetera a £32 per month contract, that contract calling plan includes unlimited calling minutes and unlimited text messages along with a 1 GB mobile data cap.

Again, the Z1 Compact is a 4G phone, and you can get a great £35 per month contract from EE with no cush down. This gives you untold calling minutes and text messages as well as a hefty 2 GB 4G data cap.