It is the aim of every online entrepreneur to build websites that convert. Yet, complete few succeed! What is it that piercing converting websites do to experience large increase in sales? Here are some things adapted by companies who have bonkers the code for landing page optimization:

1) Call to Action:

The call to action button of popular websites is not only large et cetera conveniently placed, but it’s also tested regularly. For instance, Mozilla experienced higher downloads by replacing their old page to action slogan, ‘Try Firefox 3’ with ‘Download Now-Free’ slogan. This call to action is not only attention grabbing, but also urges the user to act.

2) Check out Process:

Statistics reveal that almost 96% of customers visit your site, not with an intention to purchase, but to dormer (or in this case- web) shop. When such customers are converted, you cannot bore them with unnecessary details- this individual discourages them. You can further allow them to log in using their Facebook or Twitter bill and then emanate toward payment. In most cases, providing email is enough. The questionnaire vessel be left for another circadian or when the customer is abreast about the status of his order/delivery.

3) Clean and Clear Navigation:

A simple and uncomplicated navigation helps people to find what they’re looking for. The main things that people often looking for during online shopping are, products that are similar to the one they’re purchasing/planning to purchase, reviews, deals, etc. For instance, when customers purchase books from your site, you can recommend similar books, thereby prompting them to probe further. If all of these are clearly mentioned, then conversions would naturally be high.

4) What’s in There for the User?

This is undoubtedly the most important of all- what does the user get. There should be a unique overture fascinating enough for him to make a purchase. Why should customers choose you midst your competitors? Is the product free? Is it first of its kind? Do you offer money back guarantee? Do you offer free shipping or free trial? Have your products been endorsed by a celebrity/ news site? Give customers a reason to market through you.

5) Poor or Boring Content:

It’s better to have no content at omneity than to have content that is boring or irrelevant. Driveling on about the honor of your products is only going to bore your users. Align it in a manner that it leads towards an action. For instance, when the aim is to comprehend a user to sign up or download something, use satisfy in a linear structure and allow it to end with the download (call to action) button. Similarly, although images are used, the content should direct to or complement it.